Students Mgt.

Students Landing Page

List of students enrolled in the agency's programs will be displayed, you can search by name, and student ID in the top search bar

The list of schools is displayed on the bottom table, selecting a school will show all of the students enrolled in that school's programs for your agency.

Viewing Student List

When a school is selected the list of students will be displayed, there is a button on the top left corner that allows you to add a new student if that student isn't already on the roster.

Adding Student to your Agency's Student List

Selecting that button will open a modal that allows you to search for a student on the LAUSD database. You can search using Student's 10 digit ID or name.

Creating a Student Manually

If the student is not on the LAUSD Database, you will get the option to add the student manually,

adding student manually will bring up a modal to add all student's details

Adding a student will allow the user to have that student on the rosters and count them as attendance

Viewing Student Details

Selecting a student opens up the student's details page. Here you can edit the student's phone number as well as add authorized people to pick the student up from the activities that student is signed into.

Add Authorized Person

Authorized people are parents, guardians or others who have been approved by the parent to pick up a student from a program. To add a new authorized person, select the "Add Authorized Person" button

View Student Schedule

Student's schedule tab shows all the activities that student is assigned to, this will show all the activities the student has been enrolled in and allows you to add a new activity to their schedule.

Add New Activity to Student Schedule

You can add a new activity to the student's schedule to have them show up on the roster in the mobile application.

You can select an activity to view that activity's details and performance page.

View Student's History

List of all check in's, check outs, and transfers done on the application