Awards (Grants) Management

Awards are grants assigned to Agencies (Providers). Once you login as an Agency User, by clicking on Funding, depending on your role you will see the full or limited list of Awards.

Funding Landing Page

Awards List

  • Unless the user hold an Agency Director Role (6) he or she will only see the Awards associated to the schools (locations) he or she is assigned to.

  • Click on any part of a row to view more information about that Award (grant).

  • You can use the search bar as a quick way to find an Award using any information in the rows like:

    • CDS Code

    • School Name

Viewing Award Details


Selecting an award will open up the Award's Performance page where you can view the metrics, goals and projections for that award. An overview of performance will be displayed at the top in 3 boxes


Clicking into the Award Details Tab will show you Award Details and School Details in separate panels