Activities and Clubs

Activities Landing Page

List of activities created by agency admin for that agency will be displayed here. You can search using Activity name or enrichment code

Adding Activities

Clicking the "Add Activity" button on the far left will open up a modal that allows you to create a new category of activities for your agency that can be used by any staff member who wants/can create scheduled groups/clubs. This modal will ask for the name of the activity and the enrichment code to help categorize the different type of activities.

Activity Details

Selecting an activity from the list will display an award's details and performance, this allows you to see how well an activity is performing. You can also see what schools that activity has groups

Updating Activity Details

Selecting the "Update Activity Details" allows you to change the name and enrichment code of that activity

Scheduling Activities from Activity Page

From the school's tab you can schedule an activity at any school assigned to you and your agency, select "Schedule *Activity Name* Activity"; this will open up a modal that allows you to fill in all information for an activity at a school

Viewing Activity Performance at a School

Selecting a school from the activity's schools list allows you to see that activity's performance at that school as well as the activities scheduled at that school. You're able to search for a scheduled activity by their group names, time and days of the week

Scheduling New Activity

Selecting the Schedule activity button opens up a "Schedule Activity" modal

Viewing Scheduled Activities

Selecting a scheduled activity from the scheduled activities list allows you to view the performance and roster for that scheduled activity, the ability to change dates, group name, assigned staff is on the "Update Scheduled Activity Details" modal

Viewing Scheduled Activity Roster

Selecting the 'Roster' tab will show you the students enrolled to that school, you can also add a new student to the roster using the "Enroll Student" button. This will display all of the students assigned to this school for your agency. If you cannot find a student in this modal, please view Students Mgt. to see how to add new students