Clicking on Schools on the sidebar, will let the user depending on his or her role, see a full or limited list of Schools (Locations) they are assigned to.

Schools Landing Page

List of schools you are assigned to/are assigned to your agency will be displayed in a list. Search works for name, grade, type or CDS code

Viewing School's details

Selecting a school will open school detail's page where you can see the school's details, awards assigned to that school, the activities at that school and the school's summer calendar

Viewing Schools Activities

Selecting the 'Activities' tab will display all of the activities that have groups at that school

Schedule New Activity

Selecting the "Schedule Activity" button will open up a modal that allows you to schedule an activity at that school. You will fill out all necessary information to create an activity. If there are no staff members assigned to your school you will be unable to add a new scheduled activity. Please visit Staff Mgt. to resolve this issue.

Viewing Funding for a School

Selecting the 'Awards' tab will open the funding awards given to that school, selecting an award will display the award information displayed on Awards (Grants) Mgt.

Summer Calendar

Selecting the 'Summer Calendar' tab will open the calendar that has been established by LAUSD at that school. This calendar displays the number of hours that a summer program is funded for.