Staff Details, Schedule, and History

As an Agency Team Member, with roles 6-8, you can:

  • See and update Contact Information of your peers if necessary

  • Review and update the certifications for your Staff.

Staff Certifications

Agency Staff members with Roles 8 and 9 must have an active certificate, for ALL and every certification types available in the system, in order to be in compliance and a Staff member needs to be in compliance in order to work with students and use the Mobile Application for taking attendance.

Some certificates are issued and required only once. But other certificates have an expiration date and it is imperative that staff will acquire a new certificate before the existing one expires.


  • You can NOT add certificates for yourself

  • Some certificates have expiration dates and once that expiration date is within 30 days the interface will indicate that certificate is about to expire.

  • If you need to re-enter a certificate you just created for a colleague, you can delete the certificate for 30 minutes AFTER it was created. After that time, the certificate remains in the records and you can only add a new version of it.